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NEWS: Corporate Housing 2011 Industry Data

The annual Corporate Housing Industry Report has just been released.

Corporate Housing was a $2.49 billion dollar industry in the US in 2011 and it is growing.

The ADR – Average Daily Rate in 2011 across the United States was $123.81

I have often found people confuse furnished rentals with Corporate Housing – if your experience in renting a furnished property is less than $123.81 a night than chances are you are not tapping into the Corporate Housing market.  To learn more about Corporate Housing and how you can make it a business take a look at

Oil Boom in North Dakota – They need an AvenueWest

AvenueWest is looking to expand into business markets not typically serviced by traditional corporate housing companies.  Let us know if you or someone you know would be interested in starting an AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing franchise in North Dakota.

To learn more about this market opportunity see this PBS News Report

New technology unlocks a gusher of a problem for North Dakota. There’s a huge demand for workers, but those already in the region are pushing the infrastructure to the max.

Now Open – AvenueWest Corporate Housing Boston

NEWS: is Open

Yes AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing is now in 5 cities: Boston, Denver, Dallas, Colorado Springs, San Francisco – AvenueWest is a network of locally owned real estate brokerages that manage exclusive fully furnished residential properties available for business and extended travel

AvenueWest is looking for high energy professions who understand business, growth and are interested in their own business but supported by a knowledgeable and experienced team.  You could be next –  Connect with us

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