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3 Essential Ways to Streamline Your Check-In Process

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Check-in is an inescapable part of renting lodging. It’s a pain for both the renter and the landlord, particularly if you’re locked into outdated ways of doing it. This is particularly true with corporate apartments and other corporate housing options. Business travelers often arrive late – flight delays, traffic snarls and other factors almost invariably lead to tardy check-ins. That means the traveler is exhausted, and that the landlord often has to be roused from sleep (or is equally as exhausted because he or she has been losing sleep waiting on the renter to arrive). There are better options. These three solutions can help you streamline your check-in process.

Provide a Digital Step-by-Step Check-In

Digital technology is everywhere today. It’s embodied in your PC and laptop, but chances are good you carry it around with you on your hip or in your pocket. Your smart phone is basically the…

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