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Innovative real estate franchise, AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing, announces new ownership and a strategic vision for growth.

AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC the industry’s leader in managed corporate housing, announces new ownership and vision for growth through a management buyout.6 Floor Plan-Kitchen-_ADS0774

Founded in 1999, AvenueWest, had the mission to provide high quality condominiums, townhomes, lofts, single family homes and apartments to meet the extended-stay executive housing demand by professionally servicing a unique niche of business travelers with investment owners’ properties. AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing and now AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC were built to provide monthly lodging options and increased opportunities for individual real estate investors.

AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc., started as a small real estate management company but quickly grew to the largest provider of corporate housing rentals in Colorado, added a spin-off of Corporate Housing by Owner and is now the foundation for the national expansion of AvenueWest Global Franchise. This year AvenueWest Corporate Housing is celebrating its 18th anniversary of doing business and providing solutions for property owners, corporate travelers and business owners alike.

As a result of the transaction, Angela Healy has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the new entity. “The buyout is a significant milestone in our continuing evolution and expansion,” said Healy. “Management is committed to growth and innovation, and our new structure will enable AvenueWest to expand its franchise services throughout the United States.” Company co-founder, Kimberly Smith, will stay on with the company in the role of business development.

“I am extremely excited about working with our new owners to realize our shared vision for AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing and our expansion into new markets. Though this denotes an important new chapter for AvenueWest, our customers should rest assured that the fundamental principles that have made the AvenueWest brand strong for almost 20 years will not be compromised,” promises Smith.

Unlike traditional corporate housing that only offers furnished apartments, AvenueWest offers fully furnished private residences for business travel with the customer service and quality traditionally only found in corporate housing apartments.

Angela Healy states that there are two secrets to the company’s success. First, they work hard to run AvenueWest as a team and develop a place where their employees enjoy coming to work, take pride in what they do and create lasting solutions for the tasks at hand.

Secondly, Healy adds, they believe in doing business the old-fashioned way, person-to-person with high standards for customer service. “We are able to offer relocated or traveling professionals more than just a temporary place to call home; we also help them get to know and love their new city like we do. So many of our customers come back to us time and time again because they know they can depend on us for reliable information about the city they are relocating to and they get to live like a local.”


AvenueWest Global Franchise is the largest and most active managed corporate housing provider in the United States with local brokerages throughout. An alternative to traditional furnished serviced apartments, real estate-based residential housing offers business travelers access to a variety of property locations, styles and amenities while preserving the service and quality standards expected by the professional traveler. Currently AvenueWest Global Franchise has 7 offices located in Atlanta GA, Colorado Springs CO, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Fort Collins CO, Phoenix AZ, and San Francisco CA. More information can be found at



Business Travelers Today Demand Professional Corporate Housing Accommodations

In today’s confusing world of shared rentals and inflatable airbeds, business travelers should rely on professionally managed furnished monthly corporate housing

rentals and choose to work with providers who are certified to best meet their lodging needs. With all of the different on-line residential booking platforms, it is difficult for the professional traveler to trust the quality and service of their corporate housing rental. When you are traveling for business on a long-term assignment, being relocated with your family across the country, or needing an alternative home due to an insurance claim, you can’t afford taking the chance that your monthly rental may not work out. Business travelers need to be able to qualify in advance what they are actually getting.

Floor Plan-Living Area-_ADS1691

AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing was founded in 1999 to provide exclusive fully furnished and fully managed private residences available for the professional in need of monthly lodging. So it was no surprise that when CHPA, The Corporate Housing Providers Association, started offering an industry designation, AvenueWest supported this certification as a paramount tool for communicating industry standards. Kimberly Smith, the founding broker of AvenueWest Managed Corporate housing says, “The CCHP, Certified Corporate Housing Professional, is key to distinguishing the professionalism and quality provided by the industry and allows us as professionals to not be inadvertently lumped into the shared economy.”

Today, it is with great pride, that AvenueWest Global Franchise announces 3 AvenueWest offices now have key leaders with the CCHP certification. Meghan Vost, Deb Salek and Janine Low are all now a part of the 2017 group of CCHPs that were announced last week after successfully passing the long testing session offered this year at the CHPA Annual Conference in Huntington Beach, CA.

Meghan Vost, the owner of AvenueWest Phoenix, is a long term real estate executive who has built a successful corporate housing real estate management company in Phoenix, Arizona. After over 10 years in the real estate and real estate franchising business, Meghan saw the unique opportunity of developing her own real estate business around the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing franchise model. Meghan, now a 3 year veteran of the corporate housing industry, was also a featured speaker at the recent CHPA Annual Conference.

Deb Salek, the Owner/Broker of AvenueWest Northern Colorado located in Fort Collins, CO, started as a RE/MAX Realtor focusing on the relocation industry but found the 24/7 demands of traditional real estate sales didn’t match her personal philosophy of spending quality time with her young children, and started looking for a new alternative.  Today, Deb and her husband Todd, have successfully grown AvenueWest Northern Colorado as a real estate brokerage specializing in managed corporate housing into the largest locally based corporate housing provider servicing Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley in Northern Colorado.

Janine Low, joined AvenueWest in 2008 just out of college and has worked through the ranks. Today, Janine works at AvenueWest Global Franchise supporting the operations, development and expansion of the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing brand.

AvenueWest’s Founder, Kimberly Smith, also talks about the value of the CCHP designation in her book, Idiot’s Guide: Making Money with Rental Properties. She writes, “This designation from the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) exemplifies competence and professionalism in the corporate housing industry and has practical application and operational knowledge in operations, financial management, and sales and marketing.”

In today’s sharing economy, business travelers need to check that the corporate housing provider is a true industry expert who will conduct themselves knowledgably and professionally. The CCHP designation truly sets the individual providing the corporate housing services apart from the rest, ensuring a seamless transaction between the business traveler and the corporate housing professional. Today’s business travelers can rest assured that they received the best end products and services from a vetted corporate housing company.

About AvenueWest Global Franchise:

Established in 2010, AvenueWest Global Franchise grew from the desire to expand the business opportunity and corporate housing excellence achieved through the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing program that was founded in 1999. Currently AvenueWest Global Franchise has 8 offices located in Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Colorado Springs CO, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Fort Collins CO, Phoenix AZ, and San Francisco CA. For franchise information and opportunities go to:

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